Melinda Tracy Boyce is a 26 year old comic artist living in Austin, TX. She paints diary comics, does commissioned portraits and is working on the serialized comic "Batcave Beach".

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Colorful Portraits only $50 a head!
You just email me a photo of yourself (or someone else) you’d like painted, a la melinda, and you’ll have an art piece you can keep forever! It could make a great gift or a facebook, blog or tumblr profile pic that really stands out! (USA Shipping Included)

If you've enjoyed reading my comics and have a little extra money to throw my way, I'd greatly appreciate it. I am a young, unemployed artist living in the city trying to scrape up rent money every month (no guilt trips here...), so any money you could donate would be great. If you have 10$ or more to send my way, I'll make it worth your while! Include your shipping address and I'll send you a small drawing or piece of art...each one will be unique. Thanks everyone!

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Aaron’s Kickstarter!

Hey y’all!

Hope everyone had an incredible weekend!  I’m super excited about this new year, and I have a lot of big exciting projects coming up i’ll tell you about soon, but right now I want to tell you all about Aaron’s new graphic novel!

(In case anyone doesn’t know, Aaron Whitaker is the author of “Batcave Beach”, half of Ginghamghost (our comics collective), an incredible screenwriter, cartoonist, and painter…and my boyfriend and best friend to boot)

Aaron’s been working all throughout 2011 on his new 180 pg. graphic novel called “The City Troll”, and it is amazing.  Seriously.  When he first wrote the script for it, I actually begged him to let me do the art, but he reminded me that I STILL haven’t finished even the second chapter of Batcave Beach, so I backed off, and I’m glad I did.

“The City Troll” is an incredible comic about a 20-something guy named Paul with extreme low self esteem.  It’s a dramedy that switches between a surreal world inside Paul’s head where he calls himself the City Troll and the real world where he falls in love with his best friend’s girlfriend.  It’s definitely funny, and sad, and heart warming/breaking.

Since we moved to Austin, TX we’ve pretty much been broke, and in order to print comics, you have to have a huge amount of money to throw down…and honestly, we just don’t have it.  So Aaron created a kickstarter in order to fund this amazing book (he actually just got chosen as a staff pick!  So exciting!)

I hope you will take a minute to watch his video, and consider donating some money to help publish this graphic novel.  The pledge prizes he’s giving away are pretty awesome too!

Thanks for taking the time to check it out, and hope you have an amazing 2012!!!

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