Melinda Tracy Boyce is a 24 year old comic artist living in Portland, Oregon. She paints diary comics, does commissioned portraits and is working on the serialized comic "Batcave Beach".

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Colorful Portraits only $30 a head!
You just email me a photo of yourself (or someone else) you’d like painted, a la melinda, and you’ll have an art piece you can keep forever! It could make a great gift or a facebook, blog or tumblr profile pic that really stands out! (USA Shipping Included)

If you've enjoyed reading my comics and have a little extra money to throw my way, I'd greatly appreciate it. I am a young, unemployed artist living in the city trying to scrape up rent money every month (no guilt trips here...), so any money you could donate would be great. If you have 10$ or more to send my way, I'll make it worth your while! Include your shipping address and I'll send you a small drawing or piece of art...each one will be unique. Thanks everyone!

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Batcave Beach
Gingham Ghost (Tumblr)
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If you live in Portland, Oregon you can purchase my comics at these comic book stores: Reading Frenzy, Guapo Comics & Coffee or Floating World Comics.

***Unfortunately this store is just for shipping within the United States. If you live outside the United States email me ([email protected]) your order and address and I will let you know what the cost of shipping will be. Sorry for the inconvenience!***

$6.00 + shipping

Batcave Beach: Chapter 1

Written by Aaron Whitaker & Illustrated by Melinda Tracy Boyce

Fiction / 52 pages / 8.5″ x 7″ / Full Color
Mature Readers

A teenage outcast sneaks into a rich private school’s party. There he befriends an eccentric duo obsessed with death and begins a haunting and quirky adventure to discover the meaning of life… before it’s too late. The first of five chapters in this awesome new series.

Official Website

Sold Out! – Reprint coming in December

$15.00 + shipping

AOA #1

Autobiographical / 180 pages / 5.5″ x 6″ / Full Color
Mature Readers

A collection of all my diary comics from March-August 2009, most of which are not posted online.

$4.00 + shipping

Okay? Okay!

Includes work by Melinda Tracy Boyce & Aaron Whitaker

Autobiographical / 64 pages / 5.5″ x 8.5″ / Black & White
Mature Readers

A double comic about the real love story of the two artists told through two perspectives in two contrasting art styles.

Sold Out! – Copies can be found here: Spit and A Half

$3.00 + shipping


Autobiographical / 44 pages / 8.5″ x 5.5″ / Mostly Color
Mature Readers

A collection of short autobiographical stories in color and black & white. (Includes some of my first comics!)

Sold Out!