Melinda Tracy Boyce is a 26 year old comic artist living in Austin, TX. She paints diary comics, does commissioned portraits and is working on the serialized comic "Batcave Beach".

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Colorful Portraits only $50 a head!
You just email me a photo of yourself (or someone else) you’d like painted, a la melinda, and you’ll have an art piece you can keep forever! It could make a great gift or a facebook, blog or tumblr profile pic that really stands out! (USA Shipping Included)

If you've enjoyed reading my comics and have a little extra money to throw my way, I'd greatly appreciate it. I am a young, unemployed artist living in the city trying to scrape up rent money every month (no guilt trips here...), so any money you could donate would be great. If you have 10$ or more to send my way, I'll make it worth your while! Include your shipping address and I'll send you a small drawing or piece of art...each one will be unique. Thanks everyone!

My Links:
Batcave Beach
Gingham Ghost (Tumblr)
Aaron Whitaker

Links I Love
Tugboat Press
Vanessa Davis
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The Green Belt.

Read a Book y’all.

I’m almost done with “The Paris Wife”. It’s amazing.


So Glamorous.

Cure for a Bad Dream.

My perfect running playlist right now:

1. Mean Jeans “Anybody Out There?”
2. Best Coast “Crazy For You”
3. Miniature Tigers “Easy As All That”
4. Lana Del Ray “Off to the Races”
5. Reptar “Stuck In My ID”
6. Brite Futures “Black Wedding”
7. The Drums “Days(Mates of State Remix)”
8. Azealia Banks “212″
9. Fun. “We Are Young”
10. Lana Del Rey “National Anthem”
11. Nervo “We’re All No One (Nervo goes to paris remix)
12. Miniature Tigers “Sex On The Regular”
13. Pangea “River”
14. The Naked and Famous “Girls Like You”
15. Best Coast “Bratty B”

Keep in mind that some of these are embarrassing (ahem…Lana Del Rey), but sometimes cheesy pop can motivate me when running more than other music!

Rat-erior Decoration.

Cheese Please.

He’s got Arti-jokes.

Sad Snappin’.

The Melinderly!

Hey everyone! I am super excited to announce the kickstarter for my new project “The Melinderly”! I love working on my diary comics, but i’m sure as many of you have noticed, i’ve been posting not as frequently as i’d like to. In part this is because I’ve been focusing my efforts into this new project…I’m interested in exploring some longer autobiographical stories, and those will be featured exclusively in my new comic zine “The Melinderly”!

“The Melinderly” will be a quarterly, subscription based, full color comic. If you pledge $10 or higher on my kickstarter, you’ll be pre-ordering issues right to your door (every 3 months)! Although I love the ease of sharing my art online, I think nothing is better than actually holding a comic in your hands and reading it the old fashioned way.


p.s. I’m still going to be posting my regular diary comics on here…don’t worry!

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