Melinda is a cartoonist and painter living in Los Angeles. She is the author of the comic series, "The Melinderly", and the owner of print & stationary company, Cactus Club.

Unsolved Mysteries Preview!

Hey guys,
There’s a preview of my comic I did for the “Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends: a collection of unsolved mysteries” anthology coming out from Hic & Hoc Publications up on! Check it out, and get that book in February when it comes out! It’ll be featuring Aaron Whitaker, William Cardini and Sam Spina as well so you know it’ll be AWESOME!

LA Rules #1.

Why I Hate Working at Starbucks.

The Only Way.

No Fridge, No Moolah.


Moving In.

New Prints for Sale!

Hey guys! If you don’t live in Austin and can’t make to Paper Party to buy my art, I just set up an Etsy shop with my new prints for sale! We’re moving in 13 days, so now would be a great time to buy! Check them out at my Etsy shop!

Nature Club!

I have an amazing friend named Glade.

She is the definition of a rad lady. In addition to her badass handmade cards (you can see them here), she recently opened up an AMAZING shop within Domy Books in Austin called Paper Party.

Paper Party sells the cutest gifts, stationary, and party supplies in Austin. You need to check out her store if you haven’t been!

My show “Nature Club” is hanging there from now until October 18th! It’s my first solo show, and I was so happy to paint my heart out this past few months. You can see all my paintings and a price list here. Most of these paintings are much bigger than anything i’ve done before, so there’s lots of little details that I had fun with! Check them out!

The opening for the show was last weekend. I had such a great time…here are some pics I snapped!

In other news…

Yes, it’s true. We’re gettin’ out of Austin, and our next home will be in LA. We’re actually moving in 2 weeks, which is pretty stressful, but I think it’ll be great.

That said, anyone with any LA advice? Places to live, work, eat, shop? I’ll be looking for a waitressing job to start with, but my dream day job is to work on storyboarding for an animated show…so if anyone knows of any leads, hit me up:!

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