Melinda is a cartoonist and painter living in Los Angeles. She is the author of the comic series, "The Melinderly", and the owner of print & stationary company, Cactus Club.


Hey all,
I’ve heard from a couple people that my comics aren’t opening up anymore. I’ve been told that all you can see is a thin line and then you have to click on that to open up the comic full size. Could you guys comment on this, and let me know if you’re having problems too? It may just be a couple people’s computers, but if it’s a bigger problem, I need to know so I can fix it! Please let me know! Thanks guys
p.s. more comics very soon.

10 Responses to “Problems?”

  • I actually had to start using Firefox instead Internet Explorer to look at your comics. Some would show up, but others would just be completely blank.
    I love them, keep them coming :D

  • works for me with Firefox and Safari.

  • Kitzie:

    It didn’t work for me for a while..i was using firefox. But when i cleared my cache and stuff it was fine again. :)

  • Wenling:

    hey i really love your comics :) i check eatsleepdraw just to see if they’ve put your new posts. and i’m using firefox so i can see them fine.

  • Denise:

    I can see your comics, and I also am using firefox

  • Araceli:

    Yeah, I only see a sliver of the comic but when I click on it, it opens it up as usual.

  • Katie:

    Yea, happened to me too for like the newest half of your comics. If you move your mouse over the line you can still click on them to enlarge.

  • I’m using whatever the latest version of Explorer is (8, I think) and I just get the little lines too. Though the comics come up on a full page when I click the lines.

  • Kate:

    I use internet Explorer and I only get the thin line too, but like some other people said, it’s only for your newer comics.

    p.s i think you are hilarious and i love your comics!

  • keaton:

    I have a problem and it’s called I thought you were all caught up on your comics… SO………….. Where are they? You subject people to your wonderfulness and then cut them off like some fish thinking it’s going to die only to be thrown back into the water again. Feed the masses, its your job.

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