Melinda is a cartoonist and painter living in Los Angeles. She is the author of the comic series, "The Melinderly", and the owner of print & stationary company, Cactus Club.

Growing Pains.

January 12th 2010.

6 Responses to “Growing Pains.”

  • Aileen:

    I love the progression of your facial expressions in the middle row! It is hilarious!

  • Mariette:

    Man, I wear that shirt a lot! ;)

  • hi, i found you on tumblr! love your website!!!

  • Peter:

    about three months back, me and my girlfriend were like, obsessed with your comic in your portfolio with the title BSFS or something. Do you have any plans to like, publish it?

  • Melinda:

    Aaron and I did that comic about 2 years ago, and while we planned for it to be a 3 issue series, we kind of lost interest in it when I moved onto doing diary comics and we started Batcave Beach. Even though it was intended to be longer, we think it works as a self-contained story. That said, we’ve always kept it in the corner of our minds as a potential project…I still really like the story (although I’m not sure how i’d feel going back to grayscale), so in the future we may continue that comic, but for now we have too much other stuff to do! Thanks for asking!

  • Peter:

    Damn, haha. I’ll make sure to keep posted – I love your daily-ish comic!

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