Melinda is a cartoonist and painter living in Los Angeles. She is the author of the comic series, "The Melinderly", and the owner of print & stationary company, Cactus Club.

Peppermint Prescription.

December 20th 2009

3 Responses to “Peppermint Prescription.”

  • Dear Melinda, whom I do not know but whose blog I love,

    You have been doing such a great job putting out so many comics lately! I appreciate it and so does my Google Reader thing. Keep up the good work.

    A faithful reader in NC

  • ERIK:

    holy cow… i have been sick all this past week. and i ALSO have been eating peppermint ice cream to make myself feel better!!! it’s my favorite… also one of my favorite things about christmas… because the peppermint ice cream appears!

  • Isadora:

    oh, I do know this feeling.
    BTW, I’m in love with your comics.

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